Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mr bed room

This images were made by acad 2009.
I made for my original concept is how difference
with actual(some changed client request).


thetpaingthu said...

it is nice design.
but i feel that so many details are going on. you have the vertical lines and horizontal lines are all over on the walls. if u can control the wooden horizontal lines, i think it may be better, there is a wooden arch at the entrance. that's not relate to any of ur design in the bedroom.
here! another thing, there are so many materials as well. Timber was used as a main material but you chose different tone of timber colour, it make me a bit too much.

but choice of colour is fantastic. keep it up. hope i can see more from you ;)

best wishes,

MaTgA|BeR said...

bro can ur share the landscape material..somethink like Tree, human or etc...heee...(remajablues)

Wai Phyo said...

သက္ပိုင္သူရဲ့ comments ေတၤက အဖိုးတန္ပါ
တယ္ thk ေနာ္..

Wai Phyo said...

.(remajablues)..How can i share
landscaping materials to you?

MaTgA|BeR said... me bro :)